Thursday, 4 December 2014

Bring Oneiric-based distros back to live in Linaro and IGEP board

Following the end-of-year tradition of updating production boards, I found an ISEE IGEP v2 board running Linaro distribution on an Oneiric-based release, which reached end of life on May 2013.  One option would be upgrading to a new LTS distro, but as time was limited and the current owner has a if-works-don't-touch strict policy, I choosed instead to update at least its sources:

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Just edit the /etc/apt/sources.list file and replace with the following:

deb oneiric main
deb-src oneiric main
deb oneiric-updates main
deb-src oneiric-updates main
deb oneiric universe
deb-src oneiric universe
deb oneiric-updates universe
deb-src oneiric-updates universe
deb oneiric-security main
deb-src oneiric-security main
deb oneiric-security universe
deb-src oneiric-security universe

Then run:

sudo apt-get update

Don't forget to also test for ShellShock vulnerability.

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