Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Quick note: Raspberry Pi WiFI client configuration (tested with ralink RT5370)

I recently purchased a WiFi dongle as the new addition for my Raspberry Pi, this cheap and amazing piece of work from ebay is a 150M USB WiFi Wireless Adapter LAN, with a 2dBi de-attachable Antenna and the well-known ralink rt5370 Chip, for only 3€ (at the purchase time) what else could you ask for?

OK, it took a while to arrive to Spain as it was sent from China, but the product was worth the wait!

Not only worked flawlessly with the Raspberry Pi (mine is mounted on the wall next to my desk, sometimes I put it behind my monitor as the enclosure is VESA-compatible, see previous post), but also worked out-of-the-box for my LG 47LA640S Smart TV, saving me from having to buy an "official" overpriced WiFI USB dongle (30€, 6 times the value!) or adding yet-another wireless router to connect my TV over ethernet.

To enable the Raspberry Pi to connect to an AP with a static IP address, just add this to your /etc/network/interface file:

allow-hotplug wlan0

auto wlan0

iface wlan0 inet static


wpa-ssid "SSID-example-replace-yours-here"

wpa-psk "replace-your-WPA-password"

This will work as long as your AP has WPA/WPA2 security and is not hidden.

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