Sunday, 25 May 2014

Stumbled on (2): What most Schools don't teach

I wasn't able to post anything last Sunday due to my daughter's birthday, so this week stumbling upon arrives a bit late, anyway today I found a video interesting to show to non-coders and specially to parents and youngsters: this new world is more about bits than atoms, coding and programming it is not reserved only to Computer Science majors, but to anyone willing to learn... sadly neither my school or college taught me how to code, so I was a late bloomer and an autodidact (now I code for a living), perhaps the video below can give you more reasons to start early.

What most Schools don't teach (

Some of the biggest names in tech and Hollywood have joined forces in a new video for, a non-profit focused on computer programming education, to encourage students to take coding classes.

First stumbled by Alicia1321.

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