Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Unboxing new starts

When do you think about starting a blog?

I'm no stranger to blogs, but it has been a while since I have written in one, so it took me quite some time to realize it was finally time to start over and write about things I take for granted, things I do daily at work and remain shut down to the public behind well-drafted NDAs, things I'm excited about discovering and testing out, but do not survive the pomodoro scheduling, things I want to build and tinker with, but end up in a box, a tech scrapbox.


After moving out back-and-forth for one place to another, the one cargo that kept growing was my electronics/cables/development kits/samples box, now actually split into 2 Ikea's 50lt boxes, plus my little "crap box" at the office filled with tons of Sparkfun/Seeedstudio/Digikey one-click purchases, plus sensors, actuators, MCU/RF transceivers and "toys" courtesy of Zolertia (where I currently work).

So it is time to start sharing my experience and work, hopefully allowing me to rescue interesting stuff from the parts graveyard, and build some cool stuff: I have already a couple of Raspberry Pi lined up, so it should be fun.

I wasn't joking about the boxes... this is the half-empty one
About me: I'm an Firmware Engineer, with a MSc degree in Electronics, specialized in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and embedded devices.  I currently live in Barcelona, Spain, have developed and deployed more than a dozen WSN/IoT/Electronics related projects all across Europe, I like to think of myself as an Unix-evangelizer and Python enthusiast, generally distrustful of tech gurus and thought leaders, with a soft-spot for beer and DIY projects.

So welcome, feel free to come by, if you happen to be near I might be able to go for a beer, or a dozen.